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High Times

by Monsieur Minimal

My World Is You Every day it goes away It's like an end of a fairy tail i make a wish for you to smile and take the worries out of your mind i wish you 'll always be the one the one that you will always smile we watch the stars every night i see them shining into your eyes cause you , you are the one you are the sweetest part of my life my world is you cause you live in stars my world is you , you , you , you, you , you What ever you say wherever you stay I' ll be your light house what ever you do if this life is true I will be by your side   cause you , you are the one you are the greatest part of my life my world is you cause you live in the sun you are the light that shines all over my eyes my world is you cause you have the sign you have the sign to be the queen of my heart my world is you cause you rule my mind my world is you , you , you , you, you ,
The Joy Of Love Sailing in the of sea love for ever with you by my side Showering under the waterfall of love with you tonight Every time i see you coming my heart is beating fast Can you hear the drum of love baby beating for both of us The joy of love as we become one will always rise up to the sky Tell me nothing will go wrong tell me everything will be alright Promise that you 'll hold my hand forever keep me into your heart Strange days are left behind now i 'am about to rise Rise and shine ,trapped for ever into internal light The joy of love as we become one will always rise up to the sky When the night has come and the lights are down i will shine for you into the empty town When the city stops and the people are gone i ll be watching you until the night is gone The joy of love The joy of love The joy of love The joy of love
Never give it up if i could ever built a world for you this would be our heaven and if could ever choose to be born again this would be in your heart cause today i found a really magic place a place that i remember where a boy meets love for the first time the love of his life i see the fire in the sky every night i am dreaming i feel the fire in my heart every night is getting stronger well i don't want to grow old unless i grow old with you and i don't want to stay at home my home is with you all i want to do is to find find the way to your heart cause you,you,you are my god and i am your son   i hear the sirens at nights every night i'm missing missing your tender smile this is worst than dying we should not we should not we should never give it up  
High Times 03:25
High Times High times high times yeah Sometimes i feel like i am lost Some nights i look like a ghost Sometimes the drugs don't work Some nights the girls don't cost Sometimes the caps dress like whores Some nights the cars don't stop Sometimes i feel such a fool Some nights i break every rule I can't remember my name and i try and i try why do i feel so ashamed and i lie and i lie Sometimes i over the Edge Some nights i listen to punk rock Sometimes i am biting my nails Some nights i live for the others Sometimes i feel so depressed Some nights i crawl like a python Sometimes i just wonder why Why all these happens tonight I can't remember my name and i try and i try why do i feel so ashamed and i lie and i lie
Hungry 04:33
Hungry Babe you don't have to tell me your name i don't need no explanation baby let me to do things on my way and feel the passion i ve been waiting for  this night for so long since the day i 've met you baby don't keep me waiting no more i am hungry for your love babe you don't have to put on this red dress tonight cause we will stay at home babe you don't have to wear all this clothes tonight cause bed is were you belong love and hugs is our destination hot stuff, imagination
Summer Lovers Stars bring the night and make our souls feel better Hold me tonight and live this dream with me Summer is back and i can still remember all the last night (that) we walking on the beach summer is back love is so hot drinking the sea always want more playing with sand laughing so loud summer is back summer is now it was summer time when i kissed you it is summer time and i miss you
Youth 04:00
Youth Thirty miles out of space earth is calling us back to base we just wanna dance again like we 've never did it before we can't find peace and rest we try to find something else like some of the best years of our childhood we ' ve got a rhythm in our mind so we 've got to do it and do it tonight we 've got to follow all these signs because we 've got the rhythm in my mind
Stars Flying like a bird Looking for the dream wonder whose to blame that nobody watches the stars Missing all that age Thinking all those years playing with no fears we were watching the stars Stars, stars, stars , stars Stars, stars, stars , stars Nobody watches the stars Walking through the stars drives me to heaven passing by the cars nobody watches the stars Stars, stars, stars , stars Stars, stars, stars , stars Nobody watches the stars
Gaidadelic (what i 'm waiting for ) All my life I had no fears i said no lies I shed no tears I reached the sky Approached the end I lost my self I held my breath and dived inside inside your lie My mind is empty My heart has stopped since you been gone What I am waiting for What I am waiting for What I am waiting for What I am waiting for Lost in translation I miss the time The time we were waves in the sky Am i in a wrong direction Am i in a fight with the other half of me I have no courage I have no plans i've lost my mind i can't see your god it doesn't seem right right knows no why What I am waiting for What I am waiting for What I am waiting for What I am waiting for
The Nights We Were Dancing Now,now that you 've gone i can't stop missing every little part of you i missing the way the way that you love me the night we were dancing
A window in your sky. I met in a place with a very special view i see your face and all the flower bloom you close your eyes and whisper worlds of full you turn around and leave with no excuse


In March 2015 and having now created his own unique music style and the signing of his new record company, Mo.Mi Records, Monsieur Minimal released the fourth personal album titled "High Times" which includes 12 Indie Pop fresh tunes. Dream pop, indie and disco tropical sounds filled with exceptional electronic tunes are capturing the romantic atmosphere on"High Times".

At High Times Monsieur Minimal works with unique affection with the children's choir of Spyros Lambrou catapulting his dream pop mood to the tracks "The joy of love" and "Stars", while his collaboration once again with Hiras, the "Youth" and "Hungry" give an indie dance dimension to the album. Also the well known "Summer lovers" and "My world is you" are present. The track "High Times" is also the most characteristic moment of the Advanced Pop of Monsieur Minimal, while "Gaidadelic" is an absolute dark journey into the most psychedelic and electodarkwave time of the album. The album closes with a strong electronica mood with the "Electric India", "the Nights we were dancing" and a hidden track by Monsieur Minimal and Spinnet.

Album Track Listing:
1. My World Is You
2. The Joy Of Love (feat. Spiros Lambrou's Children choir)
3. Never give it up
4. High Times
5. Hungry (Monsieur Minimal & Hiras)
6. Summer Lovers
7. Youth (Monsieur Minimal & Hiras)
8. Stars (feat. Spiros Lambrou's Children choir)
9. Gaidadelic (What i 'm waiting for)-album version
10. Electric India
11. The Nights We Were Dancing
Hidden Track: A window in your sky (Monsieur Minimal & Spinnet)

The first single and the music video titled "Never Give it up" that opens the album of High Times was shot in London and it was a music video featuring, hypnotically enchanting, street portraits of people from all walks of life. Their disarming gaze release with generosity a piece of their soul.

Watch it here : www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss0HQ3QNo2Q

The second single and music video of the album for the song "High Times" released recently and it was also shot in London.
It is a music video anthem to the women and the "High Times" that most of us can not see.
Watch it here www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmWN3rA-aAo


released April 4, 2015


all rights reserved



MonsieurMinimal Greece

Monsieur Minimal is a composer-song writer born and raised in Greece. His music is defined mainly as indie pop with a lot of vintage influences, electronic elements expressed through dream pop vocals.
With already five albums to his career,
has earned a notable music recognition and title of indie pop aesthete in Greece.
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